Aquarius : The Water-Bearer, The Truth-Seeker. "I Know"




 Pisces : Two Fishes, The Poet. "I Dream"




 Aries the Ram : Charging Ram, The Pioneer. "I Am"




 Taurus the Bull : Bull, The Builder. "I Have"




 Gemini : The Twins, The Artist. "I Think"




 Cancer the Crab : Crab, The Teacher. "I Feel"




 Leo the Lion : Lion, The King. "I Will"




 Virgo : The Virgin, The Craftsman. "I Analyze"




 Libra : Scales, The Statesman. "I Balance"




 Scorpio : Scorpion & Eagle, The Inspector. "I Desire"




 Sagittarius : The Centaur - Half horse Half human, The Archer. "I See"




 Capricorn : The Sea Goat, The Ambassador. "I Utilize"



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