Capricon: January Birthstone.
January (Capricon) Birthstone: Garnet.
Gemstone Attributes: Consistancy
Alternative: Ruby
Aquarius: February Birthstone.
February (Aquarius) Birthstone: Amethyst.
Gemstone Attribute: Sincerity
Alternative: Garnet
Pisces: March Birthstone.
March (Pisces) Birthstone: Aquamarine.
Gem Stone Attribute: Courage
Alternative: Amethyst
Aries: April Birthstone.
April (Aries) Birthstone: Diamond.
Birthstone Attributes: Light And Innocence
Alternative: White Zircon
Taurus: May Birthstone.
May (Taurus) Birth stone: Emerald.
Birthstone Attribute: Success In Love
Alternative Birthstone: Sapphire
Gemini: June Birthstone.
June (Gemini) Birthstone: Pearl.
Birthstone Attribute: Health And Wealth.
Alternative Birthstone: Emerald And Moonstone.
Cancer: July Birthstone.
July (Cancer) Birthstone: Ruby.
Birthstone Attribute: Happiness And Contentment.
Alternative Birthstone: Agate.
Leo: August Birth stone.
August (Leo) Birthstone: Peridot.
Birthstone Attribute: Felicity.
Alternative Birthstone: Jade, Sapphire.
Virgo: September Birthstones.
September (Virgo) Birthstone: Sapphire.
Birthstone Attribute: Wisdom.
Alternative Birthstone: Agate, Moonstone.
Libra: October Birthstone.
October (Libra) Birthstone: Opal.
Birthstone Attribute: Hope And Faith.
Alternative Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline.
Scorpio: November Birthstone.
November (Scorpio) Birthstone: Citrine, Topaz.
Birthstone Attribute: Fidelity.
Alternative Birthstone: Aquamarine.
Sagittarius: December Birthstone.
December (Sagitarius) Birthstone: Turquoise.
Birthstone Attribute: Prosperity.
Alternative Birthstone: Topaz, Pearl.


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